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Consultancy on capital projects

Capital projects may involve the installation of renewable or micro generation technology. Alternatively, you may want to consider energy efficiency at the early stages of new build planning, so that this can be designed in to your project. We have a strong track record of supporting such initiatives and a track record in the construction industry, so we can help you to achieve your objectives.

For example, the capital cost of installing electric heating in a building is far less than installing a gas fired radiator system. The on-going energy costs for electrical heating however are so high that the whole life cost of a radiator system will most probably be the lowest.

Such an approach can make your project more feasible, cost less, qualify for funding support, lower running costs and in many ways provide long term sustainability.

We can also provide access to finance through the Carbon Trust. The finance is structured so that the energy savings are greater than the loan repayments. The loans start at £1,000 and repayments are up to 7 years.