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Whole organisation energy surveys

Let our Carbon Trust accredited consultants save you money.

Surveys identify ways to reduce your energy use, then quantify the savings for each initiative and recommend how best to achieve them. We are often complimented on the detail of the reports that result from this – giving you a range of options and all of the information you need to make effective decisions, prioritise opportunities and take advantage of potential savings. We present these results in ways that are useful to you and ensure that you understand their application to your business.The energy survey provides the roadmap for reducing energy.

Surveys involve:

  • Inspecting all mechanical electrical plant and equipment, power, lighting, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and compressed air systems. Comprehensive assessment of your current energy management activities, to identify energy saving opportunities that can be embedded in your operations.
  • Analysis of energy consumption data and utility tariffs.

How it works:

We start by understanding your energy management objectives and the issues you face. We assess your overall usage, any data that you have and how this is used and managed.

Given our engineering expertise and Carbon Trust accreditation, our consultants can observe your operations and quickly identify potential savings.

Most of your energy wastage can be addressed through no cost and low cost solutions. Let us identify these for you. Savings have been as high as 20% for many of our clients.

We can also identify medium and longer term initiatives that you can consider. We provide budget figures detailing energy savings, CO2 savings, project costs and payback periods.

Survey results could include, for example, compressor usage, reducing leakage, variable speed drives, timers, full energy management systems etc.